WELCOME! I am excited to offer you a self-managing e-commerce website that requires no HTML knowledge, and it requires no software or license to purchase. Your store will be setup on your domain name with a complete shopping cart installation, easy to use control panel, orientation, step-by-step tutorials ~all you have to do is add your content! You can add unlimited products and you can have unlimited pages! Think of all the webmaster fees you will save by learning how to manage your own store. You can be 100% self-sufficient. BUT you are not alone. Any time you need help, I will be here to answer your questions. And if I don't know an answer, I will know someone who does. I offer free full ongoing email support to all of my clients...forever!
You already have a store, or a website, on your domain name? No problem, I will do all of the technical stuff to put your new store on your domain name. You don't have a domain name? No problem, I will lead you through the entire complicated process of getting your business online! All you have to do is select your package from the four available design options, and leave the rest to me. No matter what stage of development you are at, or what your end goals are, I will map a plan for your success.

My goal is to create a unique, one of a kind design that will capture your personality and style, and compliment your products. I thrive on staying current and trendy, and I love the challenge of bringing your personal "fingerprint" to life!...And best yet...you don't have to spend a fortune. I have broken everything down into basic portions so that you only purchase what you need, but we can always add on more. It is a whole lot more than just building your website, together we will build your business. My success relies on yours!

Many clients that come to me are confused about what they need. All of my plans include the full e-commerce website and design, a turn-key store just waiting to be stocked. This is much more than just a website or a template. In a regular website you have products that just sit there and look pretty, or they may link to a payment system or link to an order form etc. That is just a website, not an ecommerce store. And many people that come to me have already had a dissapointing experience with a template purchase. They purchased a template, thinking that they were getting a full website, when they actually just got a template which is a snapshot of a webdesign. If you order from me, you will have a full featured, ready to stock store on your domain name!

If you want to make instant sales online -directly from your website, with a built in shopping cart system, and automatic invoicing and payment collection, then you want more than just a website. You are looking for an e-store, which is a website with e-commerce capabilities, or also known as a web store. When you are looking for a designer, make sure they are not giving you a quote for a "website" when you actually want an "e-store".

I have many clients that have come to me complaining about other designers, because they ended up with "just a website", or they have gotten quotes for a "just a website". An ecommerce system, or an e-store, requires installing a shopping cart system...it's as different as apples and oranges.

ALL clients are unique, and each plan is individual, so if you are not sure, or if you want something "in the middle", just email me with your ideas and goals. I will help you figure a plan that will work for you. Free estimate, in advance, always. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

All of my custom websites are built using the FeatureCart Program at Wahmshoppes Hosting. Visit this link to see the full featured, easy to use ecommerce system. If you are already hosting somewhere else and you would like to switch to the FeatureCart Program at Wahmshoppes Hosting, I would be happy to help you change your hosting provider, setup your domain name, install your shopping cart, and provide your support as long as you are online. Please contact me for more information.

And if you would like to order a webdesign from me, but you want to stay with your current host, I will be happy to design and create a web design for you, and allow someone else to build your store. Whatever you need, I will be happy to help you reach your goals.

Put your business online quickly, easily and affordably. Submit your order, and your store will be ready for you to stock in a few days!


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