This is what you'll need to start a web store:
  • A domain name -
  • A place to host your domain name. Hosting Service.
  • A shopping cart system.
  • A designer to build your website. Web Designer (me)
  • Someone to maintain your website. Webmaster (you)
  • A way to accept online payments.
    Now lets break these steps down into manageable chunks.

Domain name
This is your www.***.com. Good names are getting harder and harder to get. You may have to do some preliminary searches to see if your selection has already been registered, and if it has~ plan to spend some time searching until you find the name that is right for you.
You will have a choice of how long you want to register the name, with the minimum time being one year. When you have decided, go ahead and register the name. I recommend doing your search and registration at GoDaddy. The registration is affordable, your admin panel is easy to manage, and they offer great support. Just go through the checkout without purchasing any extras, all you need it the domain name registration. Make sure you write down your Login name and Password, I will need to go in later and setup your DNS.

Me, of course! All packages include the hosting service setup, shopping cart system and web designer fee. I will work with you to design the perfect store for your business. I have put together a four-choice design solution, that will cover every possible style and budget. Browse through my site and you will find the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to start a professional online store. Your new online store will be designed to make things easy so that you can concentrate on building your business.


That is one of the greatest features of using my system, you will learn to be your own webmaster, thus saving thousands of dollars! After the setup, I will provide you with an admin panel, an orientation, a step-by-step guide, flash tutorials~ all free! ...and I am always available for free email support. Then if you need additional help with your product setup, maybe a tutor, a coach, a product setup specialist, a content manager, or even a store manager, I recommend Jill at Ready Set Shoppe (RSS). She is an expert with my store system and clients, she is a perfectionist like me, and she values your time, your budget and your opinion. visit RSS

Payment Processor
If you are going to make sales online, you will need a way to collect money online. You can use a credit card processor, a payment gateway etc, but there is no need for that extra expense and work. PayPal will be automatically integrated into your store for instant online payment.
To accept credit cards through PayPal, all you will need a premier or business PayPal account. Just enter your PayPal email address in the store payments section, and your sales will be automatically deposited into your PayPal account. EASY!

Now that I have explained it, I will tell you what you have to do...
Simply register your domain name and paypal account, then purchase a boutique from easy!

I do not provide marketing, domain name registration, SEO (search engine services), or product setup, but I will be happy to refer you to someone who specializes in any of these areas. I do provide logo, illustration, banner design, and photo optimization at an extra price, if needed, just ask and I will quote a price.
Also additional help, changes and customizations are always available at an additional rate of $35 per hour.


1.  You are a serious business, you understand competition, and you are serious about building your business identity and making money online.

2.  Designing a web site that looks professional requires expert advanced design skills (and very expensive software) plus a full knowledge of HTML, CSS, ASP and graphic design. A website designed by your husband or friend ~ALWAYS looks it. Your business needs to be credible.

3.  Will visitors to your web site feel comfortable giving you money if your web site looks amateur?

4.  Do you want to spend all of your time learning to use pro software like Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and learning the successful design techniques? Or do you want to concentrate on running your business?

5. Can you recognize the signs of a poorly designed website? Do you know how to optimize for quick loading?  Do you know how to design a site that will look good on all of the different browsers and computer monitor sizes? This is your business identity.



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