Ready Made Boutiques are by far the least expensive and fastest way to get a store on the web. Select a boutique from the available designs, add your business name, and I will have your store ready for you in just a few days. These beautiful and unique designs are pre-made in advance to save me time, and also to save you money. If you don't see what you want here, send me a pattern or color suggestion. I am always willing to add new boutiques, when I have extra time. Or, if you would like one customized with your pattern and font, it can be done at an additional hourly charge. Premade---set fee.

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Logo-Match package is designed to save you money. You send me an inspiration piece, a logo, graphic or photo, and I will create your entire store design to compliment the colors and style of your logo. I will ask for your initial ideas, likes, dislikes and comments and I will develop a style for you. This package is specifically targeted  for people that don't want to be involved in the design process. I will use my experience and knowledge of design, balance, harmony and color theory to create a stunning and complimentary design for your logo, or photo. Made to match---set fee.

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Design Your Own. Simple clean design, simple quick process. You select a color, font and pattern, and I will make a basic simple design. I usually have everything completed in two to three days. Your choices---set fee.

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Custom Web Design. This package is for the person that wants to be involved in choosing and creating their business identity. We will work together to develop a design statement that will reflect your style, incorporate your ideas, and coordinate with your products. We will discover color, style, design and layout, as I prepare samplers and swatches for you. Your input will direct the amount of work, and hours, that we will put into the development of your store design and identity branding.
This store design package can bring your dreams to a vision. This is the most expensive store design option, but it is also the most popular order. Most custom designs are completed at about $800 which covers up to 30 hours of work, and most can be completed in a few weeks or less. However I am willing to work extra, custom illustrate, or anything needed to accomplish your goals and visions.

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Every day I am inspired to draw and design! When I have extra time, I like to experiment with new one-of-a-kind, ready made stores. They are premade and ready to go, as-is. Most of these designs will be as beautiful, or detailed, as the designs in my custom boutique portfolio. Values at $800 and up, but selling at bargain prices as-is. If you see something you like, buy it quickly, because it will only be offered until it is sold! A great way to catch a bargain! as-is, no-changes, no-exceptions
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You already have an e-store, but need a fun new look? Maybe you already have a site and want to add a better shopping cart?

With the fast growth of technology and the constant changes in design trend, if you have been online for more than a few years, your website could benefit from a makeover! It could be something as simple as a background change, or it may involve a whole site redesign. Maybe you want to add on a powerful shopping cart system. Contact me for a free consult, and I will evaluate your current site, and offer my experienced advice.

Many of my clients have told me that that sales have increased dramatically after a redesign. With all of the fresh new competition in the last few years, updating is not only a good business investment, it is a valuable marketing strategy!
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All boutique packages include:
  • full e-commerce features with ready to stock online store.
  • installed and full-functioning shopping cart system.
  • 100% original art drawn web design and standard text web logo.
  • admin control panel, site orientation, and product setup tutorials.
  • store policies page.
  • in store contact us form.
  • hosting account setup and prepaid term (3 months or 12 months) *see below
  • DNS setup at your domain name registrar
Optional boutique package extras:
  • hidden from the public, wholesale selling area. login required.
  • gift registry or wish list services
  • content management services, product entry, photo uploads etc (referral)
  • hourly webmaster services
  • matching promotional printables (business cards, stationery, postcards, banners, labels, stickers, hangtags, signs etc)
  • Promotional advertising and SEO (referral)
The hosting package is included with each boutique order:
Hosting with Wahmservices systems is required. I will set everything up for you. You can select if you want to be billed quarterly ($25), or yearly ($99).  *If you select the 3 month option you will be invoiced every 3 months from Wahm Services for $25. If you select the one year option, you will be invoiced once a year for $99. THIS is your only ongoing fee to maintain your online store. There is no shopping cart fee, no licenses, no software charges like at other hosting companies. Just $99 per year to keep your site online. Many companies charge that much per month! I do not own Wahmservices hosting and I am not affiliated with them, I just know from my experience that  that they offer the very best hosting/shopping cart package, for the very best price.
The shopping cart:
You will be pleased with all of the ecommerce features. Instant sales and money collection through PayPal. Automatic sales invoice is generated to your customer, and you, on each sale. Packing slip print option for each sale. Order Tracking. USPS realtime shipping setup. Downloadable order and customer database. Vouchers, coupons and discounts setup. Affiliates area. Inventory control...and so much more. I could go on forever with all of the shopping cart features. Basically you will have all of the major e-commerce options.
The information:
After I set your store up, I will send you a "getting started" email which will have all of the information that you need to get started adding your content. You will manage everything through an admin panel, which will have built in wizards, and auto options, very simple to use, but a lot to learn. You will be learning how to add your categories, prepare and upload your photos, setup your products and descriptions, setup your shipping, payment options, and get ready to sell! I will give you links for a step by step orientation, flash tutorials, and a free support forum. You will have everything you need to teach yourself how to manage your new store. This is a self-taught system. Some of my clients learn very quickly and have their stores selling in just a few days. Some are overwhelmed. This system is specifically built for "beginners", but it is still time-consuming to learn. Included in your "getting started" email will be information and referrals to contact "help for hire".

I refer all of my clients that need startup assistance to Jill at Ready Set Shoppe.
Visit her site here.

The easiest way to open an online store
Product entry assistant, store manager, coach, tutor, or SEO specialist referrals are available on request.

Anything Else?
Do you have any questions that aren't answered?
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Put your business online quickly, easily and affordably. Submit your order, and your store will be ready for you to stock in a few days!


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